Water sports have consistently had an extraordinary qualification in the games classification. Water Polo is one such game which is requires the players to have double abilities. One being the expertise of being a swimmer and the other expertise is a sharp eye and judgment to see the ball coming.

Water Polo is a game played between two UFABETเข้าเว็บแทงบอล groups in pools which have a gotten objective set up at each end. The contending groups make an endeavor to score focuses by tossing a drifting ball into the rival’s objective. Every objective is considered one point.

In the men’s water polo contest, the pool or water region should be at least 20 meters wide and a limit of 30 meter long, with a profundity of 1.8 meters. In ladies’ opposition, the playing region is lesser and measures 17 meters in width and 25 meters long.

The ball utilized in the round of water polo looks like a soccer ball and is firmly swelled elastic circular ball, circumferentially it is 68 to 71 cm and gauges 400 to 450 g.

The objectives are rectangular gotten casings of wood, plastic or metal that floats and is light on the water surface. Every objective should be 30 cm profound, 3 meters wide, and 90 cm high from the water surface to the highest point of the edge.

A water polo crew is comprised of seven players which incorporate a goalkeeper and six field players. The goalkeeper’s essential point is to guard the objective without clinging to the objective or utilizing the side of the pool. Each group may likewise have six substitute players. But the goalkeeper, every player is permitted to involve just a single hand at a time in handling the ball. As indicated by the authority rules one group utilizes white covers, while different purposes blue and red covers are solely for the goalies.

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