Body Building Cardio – Would You Like to Know More About Weightlifting?

Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise, is a form of exercise that raises your heart rate and an effective way to improve metabolism. People engage in different weight loss programs to cut weight and gain a body reserved only for gods. For this reason, gym instructors always put cardio exercise on the top of their weight training programs.

Body building cardio is essential as it helps not only in stuffing up muscles but also in keeping the body healthy and less susceptible to heart disease. The advantages of cardio are holistic rather than focusing on particular parts of the body.

With cardio exercises, your cardiovascular system becomes stronger which means your heart provides more oxygen to your muscles, enabling your muscle cells to burn more fat during exercise or even in inactivity. It increases your flexibility and bone density allowing you to carry out physical activities easier. It is also, an effective way to temporarily relieve stress and anxiety.

There are many forms of cardio exercises – from something as simple as running and walking to aerobics and circuit training. With the wide variety of cardio exercise, you must find what suits your physical level of fitness, interests and the goal you wish to meet with cardio exercises.

There are many things to consider in finding the suitable cardio training for you:

· Timing

· Intensity

· Duration

· Warm-Up/Cool-Down

· Nutrition

· Diet

· Supplements

The most commonly used cardio training:

· Talk test – It is doing something slow and simple like walking, jogging or cycling for a long and continuous time (about 30-40 minutes) while casually conversing in a comfortable way.